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Welcome to the Reimbursement Resource Center for NHIA Members, a starting point to see you through the maze of coverage and payment issues for home infusion therapy. This NHIA member resource page provides reference and educational materials available from NHIA and other resources.  Our primary objective is to provide well-organized, convenient access to information needed by home infusion therapy reimbursement professionals for administering their varied operational reimbursement responsibilities (e.g., billing).  A secondary objective is to provide access to policy and coverage information needed for research to make good business decisions.

Reimbursement challenges as well as information on new developments in the industry are prevalent in many areas, and the constant changes mean you should check back periodically for updates to this NHIA resource center.  The NHIA Reimbursement Resource Center is maintained by the NHIA Payer Advocacy and Relations Committee.  Submit your valuable web links, contribute resource materials, recommend enhancements, and notify us of any problems found by emailing NHIA (Subject Line:  Reimbursement Resource Center.)  We will use your contributions as we continue to expand the content of this resource center for you.

Reimbursement professionals will also find NHIA resource centers useful that are focused on specific topics, such as the HIEC Coalition center on electronic coding and claiming.  Find all NHIA resource centers in the Quick Links (left).

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