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Faces Behind-the-Scenes

Alternate-site infusion providers are on a continuous journey towards achieving excellence...

A path of quality care, paved with many examples of leadership and commitment—some highly visible, some not as readily apparent (but, nonetheless, deeply rooted and vitally important). Beyond the unmistakable center-stage roles played by home infusion pharmacists and nurses within our field, perhaps the most unexpected treasures for us all to discover and explore can be found in the stories of the skilled employees that work behind the scenes to make a home infusion company successful—the devoted “faces behind-the-scenes.”

Could your business thrive without the knowledge, skills and experience demonstrated by the personnel in the warehouse, the technicians, intake staff, dietitian, drivers and other critical individuals who display the passion and caring for the patient through the work they do everyday? In Faces Behind-the-Scenes, INFUSION recognizes and examines these indispensable faces behind-the-scenes!

Here are some examples:

Who’s working “behind-the-scenes” to make your organization great?

Share your stories and help us celebrate—and learn from—the unsung heroes of the alternate-site infusion community. Contact INFUSION Executive Editor Marilyn Tretler at marilyn.tretler@nhia.org.