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NHIA Home Infusion Therapy Module Program

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NHIA Home Infusion Therapy Module Program is the only comprehensive module program designed specifically for home infusion professionals.

Flexible Value

The program provides a well-rounded home infusion learning experience, also making it an excellent orientation guide for practitioners new to the field.

  • Earn Continuing Education (CE) Pharmacy Contact Hours
  • Additionally, Modules 2 and 6 now offer nursing and dietitian CE credit in their 4th Editions
  • Study at your own pace and earn CE credit

Wealth of Knowledge

Touching all the bases of home infusion therapy, you’ll find a wealth of relevant content in each of the modules, including:

  • Topical and peer-reviewed information on the most current practices followed today.
  • Numerous and wide-ranging citations pointing you to detailed clinical journal articles, practice standards and other pertinent references.
  • Extensive case studies and post-tests that validate the acquisition of core knowledge.
  • Up-to-date insights on industry guidelines, standards, compliance and techniques all affecting the day-to-day business success of the alternate-site infusion professional!

Availability and Format

The modules are available in hard copy and electronic formats, and can be purchased through NHIA's online store. Learners will earn CE as each individual module is completed.


Click on the titles for descriptions and learning objectives.

Contact hours
per module
The post-test for this CPE Activity Expires:
Module 1, 4th Edition
No CE offered

Introduction to Home and Specialty Infusion Practice

No CE offered
Module 2, 4th Edition
3 hours

Overview of Home and Specialty Infusion Reimbursement

January 27, 2018 11:59 p.m. E.T.
Module 4, 4th Edition
5 hours

Nutrition Therapies: Parenteral Nutrition, Enteral Nutrition, and Hydration

September 1, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. E.T.
Module 6, 4th Edition
4 hours

Compounded Sterile Preparations in Home Infusion

June 1, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. E.T.
Module 7, 4th Edition
No CE offered

Overview of Financial and Operational Issues in Home and Specialty Infusion Therapy

No CE offered


Price per NHIA member Price per Non-Member
  Electronic Copy Hard Copy Electronic Copy Hard Copy
Introduction to Home and Specialty Infusion Practice* $149 $164 $224 $239
Overview of Home and Specialty Infusion Reimbursement* $149 $164 $224 $239
Nutrition Therapies: Parenteral Nutrition, Enteral Nutrition, and Hydration* $149 $164 $224 $239
Compounded Sterile Preparations in Home Infusion* $149 $149 $224 $224
Overview of Financial and Operational Issues in Home and Specialty Infusion Therapy* $149 $164 $224 $239
* Includes CPE credits

Meeting the Needs of the Specialty Pharmacy and Home Infusion Communities

Clinicians today practice in an environment that is changing rapidly and dramatically, none more so than within the home infusion industry. Infusion therapy has become increasingly complex, requiring new practice modes and competencies as health care delivery models adapt to economic realities, and specialty pharmaceuticals comprise a growing portion of parenteral therapies prescribed to home-based patients. To practice in the “real world” of home infusion and specialty pharmacy, clinicians must be qualified to manage a myriad of clinical, financial, operational, and regulatory issues unique to this practice setting.

Who will benefit?

➲Home and specialty infusion therapy organizations seeking a training venue and competency validation for both new and existing staff

➲Clinicians who already possess the requisite experience and seek enhancement of, or independent verification of, their specialized knowledge and skills

➲Other practitioners seeking to better understand the pharmacy-based practice of home and specialty infusion as well as the many specialized aspects of this care model

➲ Community or hospital clinicians seeking to understand the home and alternate-site setting

➲ Faculty members or students at colleges of pharmacy

The Benefit to Clinicians

Home infusion clinicians require a high degree of expertise in the management of complex patients in the home setting. Clinicians will acquire knowledge in core home and specialty infusion content areas, demonstrating their commitment to professional practice, and enhancing their potential for career advancement. Experienced clinicians can solidify and validate their current knowledge base of the field. Clinicians who are new to home and specialty infusion can complete this program in preparation for entry into the industry workforce. Provider organizations that utilize the program as a component of their clinical orientation program will gain a resource that provides a standardized program from which other staff development opportunities can be derived.

Value to Employers

The Home Infusion Therapy Module Program will benefit regional, national, and independent home and specialty infusion companies wanting to supplement their own in-house training programs or establish a knowledge-based competency assessment tool. A clinician trained in—or even possessing more than a basic understanding of—the ins and outs of home and specialty infusion therapy is an invaluable member of the provider’s team. Clinicians entering home infusion from other practice settings are often attracted to its clinical, operational, and entrepreneurial challenges, but may find it difficult to adapt their previous experience to this unique practice setting. This program provides the training to make the transition more successful.


For questions about the NHIA Home Infusion Module Program, call NHIA at 703-549-3740 or email us at info@nhia.org