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The NHIA Data Road So Far

Over the past five years since the inception of the NHIA Industry-Wide Data Initiative in 2009, the Association has completed several major initiatives related to the collection, reporting and utilization of provider data and perspectives.  In 2010, the Association conducted its initial Phase I Provider Survey and published the first report providing comprehensive data regarding the size and scope of the infusion industry.    More than 280 individually-licensed pharmacy locations from NHIA member organizations contributed data to this initial survey.  As a result of this effort, NHIA learned that successful data collection depends on the use of commonly-accepted industry definitions, thus prompting the next vital undertaking in the NHIA Industry-wide Data Initiative.

In 2012, the "NHIA Data Definitions Survey" was launched to better understand how providers define key terms used to measure demographics, operational processes, and quality.  Developing industry-wide, standard definitions is a critical and necessary step toward developing quality measures that will allow providers across the industry to compare results in a uniform manner.   The next provider survey will utilize what was learned from this effort to collect more accurate and reliable data.

Then, as part of the Association's legislative efforts to attain a comprehensive Medicare benefit for home infusion therapy, NHIA partnered with Avalere Health, LLC in 2013 to conduct research comparing the cost of receiving IV anti-infectives at home versus in a skilled nursing facility, physician office, or hospital outpatient department.   The Avalere study not only quantified the savings associated with providing infusion services in the home setting, but demonstrated that automated processes developed for collecting and mapping the study data could be beneficial to future NHIA data efforts.

For additional information about each of NHIA's prior data collection efforts, Click the survey below:

Phase I Provider Survey  (2010)
Data Definitions Survey (2012)
Avalere Study