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The NHIA Industry-Wide Data Initiative was launched in 2009, to meet the demand for data about the size and scope of the home infusion industry, and to define and measure the quality of home infusion services.   In order to achieve legislation for an expanded home infusion Medicare benefit, prepare for pay-for-performance initiatives and establish best practices that improve quality of care and organizational performance, the industry must standardize and prepare to report on several fronts, from demographic to clinical elements.

The Industry-Wide Data Initiative is a multi-phased, multi-year endeavor that seeks to:

  • Support the effort to gain meaningful coverage for home infusion under the Medicare benefit.
    This effort requires data that demonstrates the cost effectiveness and quality of life benefits of home infusion therapy. Historically the field lacked even the most basic data about the size and scope of the infusion industry, but as NHIA moves forward we are now becoming armed with key facts about our membership that will help providers tell their story to legislators.
  • Prepare for the movement of "Performance-based Reimbursement" into the alternate-site setting.
    This "value-based" payment methodology is currently impacting clinical practice in the acute care setting by directly linking reimbursement to successful avoidance of complications and/or achievement of desired outcomes of care. The movement of similar "pay-for-performance (P4P)" requirements into the alternate-site has already begun with several commercial payers initiating pilot programs that are requiring their network providers to report on quality measures.  Our next steps as an industry will be to proactively identify those outcomes measures to which performance-based reimbursement can be fairly and reasonably applied.
  • Establish industry benchmarks for performance measures and patient outcomes.
    To discover what's possible in our industry, providers need to collaborate on a large scale and produce the data that will assist them in improving quality of patient care and organizational performance through the development of field-specific evidence-based best practices.
  • Provide industry data that will assist business partners in meeting the needs of our field.
    Providers and patients alike would benefit from on-target product development, innovation and refinement that are informed by field demographics and outcomes.
  • Create an industry culture of collaboration around aggregate sharing, collection and utilization of field-specific data.
    In order to ultimately ensure the growth, quality and sustainability of the alternate-site infusion industry within the larger health care sector, all stakeholders within the field must be guided by ever-increasing sets of field-specific aggregate data. Being data-driven allows for enhanced care, competition and innovation that benefit all in the field, including patients.

NHIA data project is better positioned for success!

Information about the NHIA Industry-Wide Data Initiative is organized on this website in a series of folders—click on the folder icons above to read through the history of our recent efforts and to learn more about what we have planned for the future. If you have any questions regarding the this data initiative, or would like to speak to an NHIA representative about how your organization can participate going forward, please contact Connie Sullivan, RPh, NHIA's Senior Director of Education & Data and NHIF Vice President of Research, at connie.sullivan@nhia.org.