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NHIA Home Infusion Provider Search Portal

The National Home Infusion Association (NHIA) is pleased to offer visitors a searchable-by company or zip-code and city/state database of our provider members so that you can locate an alternate-site infusion provider in your immediate area.

Zip Code and City/State Search

To change between zip code and city/state search click the switch button (switch) below.

Disclaimer: The NHIA member search tool is available to help physicians, case managers and patients identify an alternate site infusion provider in a given geographical area. The companies in the database are members of NHIA. In no manner, way or event will NHIA be responsible or liable for the information, work or service provided by the members listed.

Provider Member Updates

Provider Members: You can search for your company information via the search fields above. If your branch has a different name from the corporate name, you will need to search for that name.

You can update your corporate and/or branch locations at any time. Just complete the online form or download the PDF. If you have problems searching online for your branch locations, email info@nhia.org and request your company and branch information.

Please note: Changes submitted are reviewed by staff and updates take place at the beginning of each month.

Call 703-549-3740 or email info@nhia.org for more information.