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For manufacturers and suppliers to the home infusion therapy community

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About NHIA's Supplier Membership

NHIA Supplier Membership is designed for organizations who supply products and/or services to the infusion market and who wish to:

  • Be recognized as a leading organization in the infusion community
  • Support and assist NHIA's representation of and projects for the infusion community.
  • Participate actively in NHIA policy forums, committees, and workgroups that steer the projects and priorities of the association.
  • Establish clear lines of communication between NHIA and key individuals within the Supplier Member's organization.
  • Facilitate a higher level of involvement of key individuals from the Supplier Member's organization in NHIA initiatives.
  • Enhance NHIA's strength in representing the interests of the infusion therapy community

Supplier Membership in NHIA defines a true partnership with NHIA and your company and demonstrates your company's commitment to the infusion community. Supplier Members are the first people to whom NHIA turns when new opportunities and issues arises. In turn, your company gains access to NHIA as a resource for information about the industry, its issues and challenges, and more direct access to infusion providers themselves.

NHIA Supplier Membership Levels

Gold Level

  • Membership level: $15,000
  • Benefits:
    • Participation in NHIA committees
    • One-time usage of NHIA member mailing list
    • Special recognition for your support in INFUSION and through signage at the NHIA Annual Conference
    • Preferred exhibit space and special Supplier Member booth rates at NHIA's Annual Conference
    • Assistance throughout the year in answering your questions and locating providers in various geographic and specialty areas
    • Supplier Member advertising discounts in INFUSION
    • Priority status for sponsoring education, research, or other NHIA projects designed to benefit the infusion provider community

Silver Level

Annual Sales Annual Dues
$0 to $24 million $2,750
$25 to $49 million $3,500
$50 to $74 million $6,000
$75 to $100 million $6,750
Over $100 million $7,500
  • Benefits:
    • One-time usage of NHIA member mailing list
    • Special recognition for your support in INFUSION and through signage at the NHIA Annual Conference

While these tangible benefits are important, our Supplier Members also know that they are forging a close relationship with this key customer segment. Your corporate support will enhance NHIA's ability to effect change and develop and deliver successful projects for our members. These projects and priorities will offer benefits for providers and manufacturers/suppliers alike.

Supplier Membership Policies

  • Supplier Members can list as many employees as they like for full membership benefits.
  • The primary contact is responsible for providing NHIA with a list of names and contact details for their eligible corporate staff.
  • Contact details needed are name, designation, title, address, phone, fax and email address.

How to Join

To join please contact:
Ashlan Oberholtzer
Senior Director for Business Development
(571) 814-3755